Dubois Museum
909 W. Ramshorn
Explore the history and culture of the Dubois area.  Learn about the tie-hacks who helped establish Dubois.  View several historical buildings, artifacts and displays including a life-sized sheep trap used by the Sheep Eater Indians, a branch of the Shoshone tribe.
Dubois Town Park
Across from the Post Office
Enjoy a picnic, stretch out in the sun or play tennis, basketball, or skateboard or rollerblade in the skate park.  There is  playground and a beautiful riverwalk for a stroll along the Wind River.
Headwaters Arts and
Conference Center

20 Stalnaker St
In addition to offering spacious facilities for meetings, conferences or banquets, the Headwaters also has artwork on display from local talent, past and present.  The Wind River Valley Artists' Guild holds its annual national art show here every summer.
National Bighorn Sheep
Interpretive Center

907 W. Ramshorn
The Wilderness areas in the Wind River mountains are home to the largest concentrated herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep in the country.  The center offers information on the history and biology of bighorns, as well as management efforts and research.  Come enjoy the displays, videos and hands-on exhibits including the "Super Slam" of wild sheep from around the world.
various locations
The earliest inhabitants of the Wind River Valley left behind signs of their presence in the form of stone tools, wood structures, tipi rings, and rock art. Historians believe rock art was used to record events, mark important places, worship, or simply as a form of creative expression. Although no one knows the exact significance of the images left behind in Wind River Country, their mystery and beauty is alluring and there are several locations in the Torrey and Dinwoody basin's  visitors can explore.
Tie Hack Memorial
18 miles west of town on US Hwy 26
The memorial honors the tie hacks, men of mostly Scandinavian descent who cut railroad ties by hand in the first half of the 20th century.
Whirling K Arena
5100 US Hwy 26
Horse boarding and training, English and Western riding classes.
Warm Springs Gallery
20 Stalnaker St
Located in the Headwaters Arts and Conference Center, the Warm Springs Gallery hosts a permanent collection of American art, the Joe Back Art Library, as well as the Joe and Mary Back Permanent Collect Gallery. The Wind River Valley Artists' Guild owns and operates the gallery.